Hanging Brake Calipers

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Hanging Brake Calipers

Brake Repair in Quesnel, BC

Understanding Brake Calipers

Brakes are only good when they work, right? If only it were that simple. Sometimes a vehicle’s brakes begin to experience all kinds of wear and tear long before we notice when it’s time for adjustments and replacements. When getting brakes serviced, it is common that most drivers only think of brake pads without understanding that more components determine a brake’s health and ability to adjust to driving on the road. Here at Wright Choice Automotive in Quesnel, British Columbia, we like to nip brake issues in the bud before becoming detrimental to you. Brake Calipers are just as important to look at when getting diagnostics on your brakes. This is where the pistons and pads are housed within the brake’s assembly. Let us tell you how to tell if your brake calipers need some attention so that stopping and slowing your vehicle down is less risky.

What To Look For

When it comes to brakes overall, we notice that some customers wait until they hear squeaks when accelerating or the vehicle shaking and delaying its ability to come to a full stop than when the brakes were first installed. So what are some things to be alert of regarding the brake calipers being in question? You may notice a burning smell, the car drifting to one side, feeling like the emergency brake is on, or the brakes making unusual noises. Another question is how do brake calipers become worn? A caliper’s slides can freeze due to a lack of lubrication due to debris and corrosion. A rubber boot protects the caliper’s pistons to prevent it from grime and dirt, but this boot can become worn with time which makes the pistons vulnerable. Last, the brake hose is the part that becomes worn down simply from use over time, and the connection is like a valve to the master cylinder. Sometimes when releasing your foot from the brake pads, the fluid may not be able to return to the master cylinder.

Come Stop By

If these common issues we mentioned sound similar to what you are experiencing with your vehicle, bring it over to Wright Choice Automotive in Quesnel, British Columbia. It is our pleasure to ensure you leave your brakes in better condition than when you arrived. We are more than happy to answer any comments, questions, or concerns you may have about your brakes and other parts on your vehicle, regardless of make or model. Drive with ease, knowing that you’re in safe hands. Our doors are open to you, so come set up an appointment or visit our website to book at your leisure.

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